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Get to know me and the reasons why I am a "DIFFERENT" kind of trainer and why I will work to help you achieve your goals!

  My disability and chronic illness are what   make me a different kind of trainer!  

My name is Kelly Sipe, and I am the founder of Beyond Your Limits Inclusive Fitness and Recreation. Why is that important, well, I have lived with a chronic illness since I was 28 years old.  My illness came on suddenly and unexpectedly and has forever changed my life and my family’s.  


When my daughter was 8 months old, I was diagnosed with acute gallstone pancreatitis.  The infection was so severe that it actually destroyed my kidneys and caused me to have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). This disease means that I will either have to use a dialysis machine for the rest of my life or receive a kidney transplant in order to live. 


So, for the almost twenty years, I have been on and off of dialysis and received two kidney transplants from my family; one from my aunt and the other from my sister. Now, I know for a fact that without my family’s complete support and their gifts of donations, I would not be alive today.​​

  I am not looking for sympathy   

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with more than ESRD. I have had several complications due to the many different treatments, procedures, and surgeries over the years. I have had countless surgeries, broken bones, and multiple ports, grafts, and catheters.

I am not telling you this because I want your sympathy. I am telling you this because I have a “been there, done that” perspective that not many fitness trainers will have.

I am not cured, but I strive for more good days than bad. I still live with my illness and disability and struggle daily, but I truly believe that my purpose is to help those who are like me.

I want to help people who are

"un-fit" or struggle with different physical or cognitive disabilities or people who face a chronic illness which can weaken their body, their mind, or their spirit.

  That's How it all Began!  

Specializing in personal and small group training, I set out specifically to work with the 40+ year-olds (gen x'ers, baby boomers, and seniors) and those with medical conditions.


Unlike "traditional" fitness centers or gyms where fit people go to work out,

Beyond Your Limits Inclusive Fitness and Recreation provides a place where people who are not fit or who have any kind of health concern can get active and moving!

Beyond Your Limits is not geared toward the competitive muscle-bound fitness athlete. Instead, I specialize in fitness for the over-40 set. I cater to folks that aren’t comfortable in a typical health club. 

I want to help people achieve a personal fitness lifestyle they can maintain because I know what it is like to live with a chronic illness and disability. I want to teach you to be fit and active now, to avoid being sick and disabled later. 

Abilities Expo Boston__Love what you do!

  My wish for you  

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