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I started by looking at “traditional” gyms and studios. Although there are lots of options and they are usually “disability” compliant, their programs, classes, and facilities are just not built with me in mind – me, and people like me, are usually the afterthought in their programs and facilities. With that said, some people with disabilities and those with chronic illness or at-risk population can do PHENOMENALLY well at these facilities; it just wasn’t for me.


I was looking for a place that allows people like me, with different abilities, to fully participate in activities without the pressure of having to “keep up” with other people or cause me extra stress that I am in the way or slowing down the activity. I didn’t want to be the odd man out, the only one with a walker or wheelchair, or the only one who needed “extra help” to get in and out of the pool.

I wanted to slink into the back of the fitness class just like every other out of shape person and be invisible. But NO - that didn’t happen, especially when I hit the automatic handicap button only to find out, it didn’t work, and I slammed into the door, and a fiasco ensued just to get me into the class that I was trying slink into!

Then I started to look into recreational activities I could do with my family, and I found even fewer options available. I wanted to find an activity that I could do with my whole family at the same time that wouldn’t break the bank. I know when I do anything, I never go alone and I always have a +1 or even a +2. Those costs can add up very quickly, so these activities need to be cost friendly and accessible for me and entertaining enough for everyone. That’s when I decided that I if I couldn’t find what I needed then I needed to create it myself.

So, I set out to create classes and programs that are inclusive for people of all abilities. And what I have learned is that not only can this be where people can become physically active, but it is also where they can connect with their family and friends and be part of their community again. It is a place where people can maintain social connections instead of isolating themselves away.


We are becoming so much more than just fitness and recreation.


So how can I help you become more active and start some happy adventures?

Let's be HONEST here -

None of us REALLY want to become Super Models or All-Star Athletes



Mostly, we just want to navigate our daily without losing our breath from the slightest activity, and keep up with our kids or grandkids, or not worry about falling or hurting ourselves.


Finding ways to move every day, in whatever capacity you can,

will lead you to become stronger and happier than you ever imagined. 

It all starts with MOVING!!

We provide inclusive fitness, recreation, and wellness programs to those with who want to become physically active, but cannot or will not participate at a “traditional” fitness or health facility for whatever reason.

What EXACTLY does that mean?

Well - it means that our classes and programs are chosen and designed so people of ALL abilities and ALL fitness levels can fully participate. It means that your individual needs will be accommodated (to the best of our ability) so that you can experience the class and programs the same way as everyone else at the same time. 


This really means that we INCLUDE everyone in all of our classes and programs so that you not only do you get a physical benefit but also a social benefit by being able to be active with your family and friends! 

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