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With your passion for meeting new people and developing relationships, team training is the perfect workout for you. You'll never get bored because you'll always have new friends around you to encourage you as you work toward your fitness goals. It's time to get to a healthier place!

Benefits of Group Training

​​Working out with others provides a lot more than just someone to meet at the gym to check the workout off the list for the day.

  • Motivation

  • Structure

  • Accountability

  • Fun 

  • Support

  • Inspiration

  • Even more challenging

You can definitely achieve your goals through GROUP TRAINING and EXERCISE.  I can help you identify and progress toward a healthier and more active you!


Be sure to check out all the FREE resources I have available HERE. 


AND stay connected with our Calendar and Events to know when and where I am having Workshops and Lunch and Learns which will help you on your journey.

I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

If you are ready to get started, I offer two different options for group classes: small groups of 2-7 people, and large groups of 10 or more.  Both Group Options offer a variety of programs. 


  • Specialized program 

  • Pathway to lose weight and develop healthy habits

  • Customization based on your fitness level

  • Guidance throughout the program

  • Offered in small groups of 3, 4, or 5 or large groups of 6 or more


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