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Are you ready to make a change?

Let's Work Together

I know you understand the benefits of fitness and you want what more than to just live life; you want to live your life fully!


You have seen what has happened to your parents and grandparents and you don't want your life to be the same. You don’t want to “grow old and weak”; you don’t want to sit on the side lines and watch the world pass you by.

Are ready to be the best version of yourself for years to come.

YEARS, not months. Then I am ready to help you get there!


Classes from Drums Alive, Yoga, Walk Fit, TaiChi and Multigenerational classes for parents/grandparents and child.  


Many activities 

including skiing, hiking, and kayaking, to name a few.

Can you say GOAT YOGA??


Educational workshops in nutrition, healthy cooking, caregiver support, sandwich generation, and much much more.

I know you want choices. You want to be to able to:

  • Work (MAYBE)

  • Volunteer

  • Travel

  • Spend time with your kids and grandkids

  • Spend time with your friends

  • Spend time golfing, kayaking, hiking, skiing, dancing (or any other recreation activity you NEVER had time for)

You want to do all these things and more, which is why you understand the benefits that fitness can give you!

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