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What type of walker are you?

Download one or get them all

Are you ready to get started?

Join the At Home Walking Club

This is a Twelve-week At home Walking Club to get you ready to walk a 5K (3.01 Miles).

The walking club is “mile after mile” of FUN, FAMILY, and FITNESS for ALL!

INTRODUCING our new At Home Walking Club! This program includes a .5 mile walk, a 1-mile walk, a 1.5-mile walk, a 2-mile walk, and a 2.5-mile walk, and a 3-mile walk. Each Mile is paced at 20 minutes… or LESS!

This is for ALL WALKS OF LIFE… the young, the “not so young”, the fit, the “new” to exercise, the new mom and dad, the kids, those with chairs or walkers - EVERYONE can all WALK together!

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get moving and offers many benefits for people of all ages and all abilities! The Walking Club “Walk at Home” exercises are the BEST way to get started WALKING in order to build a stronger, healthier version of you!

The classes are 3x each week from Mar 4 - May 25. You can join in a live streaming class or follow along a recorded class when you have the time.

This is an INDOOR WALKING CLUB so weather will not an issue. It is the perfect way to get moving as we head into the Spring!

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