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Stretching with Elastic Bands


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Although I love competition (I tend to be very competitive myself), our recreational programs are more focused on "play" rather than competing. That's not to say that we don't enjoy friendly competition between our friends and family and we do occasional join community races. We just tend to focus more on the fun of the activity instead of winning the medals.

Wellness Programs

Occasionally, we get the opportunity to work with communities and other businesses. We will ALWAYS invite you to participate in these events and programs when possible.​

Some of our recent events and programs have been with Wigglekids Inc., Somerset Council on Aging, Shape America National Convention, Abilities Expo Boston, and Spirit of Somerset.

"The primary goal of Drums Alive™  is to provide a "whole mind/whole body" experience for all who participate. We desire all of our programs to meet the needs of diverse audiences.


Through tailored programming, Drums Alive™ will improve the quality of life

for a wide variety of audiences, including... fit and healthy children and adults, children and adults with cognitive and physical difficulties, senior citizens, patients with Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, and other life-altering conditions."

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