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Which life are you designing?

With the miracle of modern medicine, we are adding more and more years to our lives. The average lifespan for women in the US is 81.3 years old, the average for men is 78.9. This means people are living 10, 20, 30+ years AFTER retirement.

How are you planning on spending those years? Modern medicine is giving us the gift of years to our lives but that does not mean they are QUALITY years.

Look at the photos – these are the same age but are on two different paths. Without knowing anything about their histories, we can tell the woman on the right is living QUALITY years while the one on the left is just living.

Some may say that it is just genetics: that the one on the right has good genes. In actuality, genetics can only account for about 20-25% of our outcome. Lifestyle choices, nutrition and diet, fitness, and social connections have far more to do with outcomes than genetics.

What REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS is when someone chooses to give up or not try simply because of “GENETICS”; simply because, “my parents and grandparents had heart disease, or cancer, or kidney failure, or diabetes, (or whatever) so I am doomed and might as well not even try to do anything because it won’t help!”

You know what – we cannot escape our genetics and we all have health issues we face BUT being strong, healthy, and active is how you overcome the things that do happen to us. If we HAVE to face diabetes, cancer, or other illnesses then I sure want to be as strong as possible going into that fight so I know that I can beat it and recover sooner.

So what are you doing today to keep you strong and healthy to overcome the challenges you face now AND will create the QUALITY YEARS you want in your later life?

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