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SuperBowl Game Day Fitness Challenge

Ah, the Super Bowl. A night of football, long-awaited commercial debuts, and the halftime show with the malfunctioning wardrobe and all!!.

But there’s only one problem: Super Bowl Sunday is also full of booze, burgers, and other gut-busting foods. SO....ditch the post-game guilt by taking SuperBowl Fitness Challenge during the game. (And yes, we're doing it too!)

What is it exactly? We challenge your inner athlete to tackle certain exercise moves at key moments throughout the game.

Check it out:

Here is an easier version for those who may want to NOT challenge themselves so much during the game!

Want to have even more fun? Make it a competition with friends to see who can do the Challenge for the entire game. We'd love to see photos of you participating! post them to fb: bylfitandrec

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