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We have to STOP listening to the GURUS

You know what is missing in Healthcare, Medicine, Nutrition, and Fitness?


We have been talked at by the “EXPERTS” for so long that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves.

When we were kids (not all that long ago) we did not have to be told to go out and exercise – we just went out and PLAYED all day without anyone telling us. Now – we have to “SCHEDULE” play dates for our kids and add “EXERCISE” to our calendar to remind us to get up and move every day. We have to count macros, carbs, fluid intake, and steps and record everything in our digital diaries (and if we forget our Fitbit – it is like we wasted those steps because they don’t even count!)

The problem started when the “EXPERTS” thought they needed to micromanage everything we do “for our own good”. How’s that working out for everyone? How are you all feeling? So many of us have become overwhelmed by what the “EXPERTS” say we need to do that it is not worth even trying to make even little changes for the better.

For my part – I have decided to go back to common sense. My exercise includes doing things that I LOVE to do and I look forward to them every day. I am going back to PLAYING which happens to also get me moving enough every day to improve my health and BONUS – I get to hang out with my friends!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big nerd and I LOVE knowing all the macros and the carbs and my blood chemistries and how it all works together BUT I can’t micro-manage my life that way! I can dedicate only so much time to this on a daily basis before I get overwhelmed so KISS (keeping it super simple) is really the only way I can manage all the medicine, exercise, nutrition, and healthcare on a daily basis.

How are you managing your nutrition and fitness for you and your family?

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